a few words about us

Meito Shodo-Kai Calligraphy Association, established in 1996.

as a non-profit organization. The organization has approved and registered as 501(c)(3) non-profit organization since 2007.  The organization is the one of the largest Japanese calligraphy associations in the United States with over one hundred members,

many of whom has received top awards at prestigious calligraphy competitions in Japan and the US.

Its main purpose is to promote the tradition of Japanese calligraphy in the US through education and exhibition. Anyone who understands and supports the organizational goals can become a member of the organization upon approval by the board members.

Mission and Activities

The Association actively participates in various community and national events throughout the year, especially ones relate with Japanese/Asian culture by offering hands-on experience to those that may not be familiar with the art form as well as performance and demonstration at these events.

Instruction: Association members provide a firsthand experience in the art form of shodo through lessons on a short-term basis at local schools and colleges.

Hold the own exhibition “Meito Shodo-Kai Shoten” every two to three years.
Newsletters: The Association publishes a newsletter available to everyone at the websit.
Other activities such as participation to public competitions, voluntarily calligraphy class.

Our staff



Thanks to all of you, Members and many other visitors had a meaningful experience at the event.

皆様のおかげで、各種イベント来場者の方々に有意義な体験をしていただくことができ、感謝しております。  これだけのことをボランティアで活動中の書道会は世界中どこにもありません。私の誇りです。会員の皆さん、笑顔で頑張って下さい。